Journal of Computer and Educational Research

September 1th, 2013 by Author

Journal of Computer and Education Research (JCER) (ISSN 2148-2896) is an international refreed journal. For the purpose of gathering all the experiences in the education field of the computer and education world JCER accepts quantitative and qualitative studies in all the fields of educational sciences and of field education, meta-analysis studies comprehensively reviewing the related literature, model suggestions and other similar original writings. In addition, special priority is given to up-to-date studies using advanced research/statistical methods and techniques. Besides the methodological efficacy of studies, original and new contributions to the field are also among the basic criteria for the publication of a study.

In line with this overall purpose, by publishing the research results regarding education, JCER aims at providing a good-quality source of information for researchers who produce information regarding computer and education sciences as well as for practitioners who use the information produced.

JCER started its publication life in 2013. Published twice a year, the journal can be visited at The articles sent to the journal are evaluated in line with the principles of independent and double-blind refereeing. The articles are published in Turkish and English in the journal.

The responsibility for all the writings published in the journal belong to the authors. Without taking their consents, no article can be copied in any way, either as a part of the text or as a whole text. The publication board is free about whether to publish the articles submitted to the journal.

Subjects for Articles to be Published

September 1st, 2013 by Author


  1. Field Education

  2. Teaching and Education Programs

  3. E-Learning and Technology Education

  4. Education, Economics, Social and Cultural Dimension

  5. Pedagogical, Political, Philosophical and Ethical Reflections in Education

  6. Educational Technologies and Material Development

  7. Guidance and Psychological Counselling

  8. New Technology, the Internet

  9. Distance Education

  10. Renovation and Change in Education

Evaluation Process:

Scientific articles submitted to the journal for publication are first checked for whether they meet the journal’s criteria for publication. Articles meeting the criteria are sent to the refrees for the evaluation process.

For the articles involved in the evaluation process, two refrees are appointed. In line with the views of the refrees, the editorial board decides on whether to publish the article or not.

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