Teacher Training Experiences in Diyarbakir

Author:Cemal AKÜZÜM, Hasan AKGÜNDÜZ


April 25th, 2014 by Author


In this study, the formation and transformation of teacher training institutions from the Ottoman Westernization period and Republic period to the present day in Diyarbakir, were examined in the light of literature and archival documents. These institutions that represent a transition and a rooted experience process in Turkish education system were evaluated in the way that they reflect the quality of education policies of period which they were established and perspectives for teacher training. In conclusion the results obtained showed that teacher training institutions, which represent a transition among The Ottoman Empire and the education system of Republic Period, take a place in Turkish Education System as a work that witnesses the progress in all periods they exist and besides provide the formation of a tradition of teacher training in Diyarbakir.

Keywords: Teacher Training, Experience, Diyarbakir

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Journal of Policy