Journal of Computer and Education Research

December 1th, 2017 by Author

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Volume 5 Issue 10

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    1- Fatih ULUKAYA, Nail YILDIRIM, Vildan ÖZEKE

    Educational Administrators’ Technological Leadership Efficacy and Perceptions towards Implementation Levels of Teaching and Learning Activities

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    2- Pınar Uyanıker

    Looking for a Black Cat: EFLTeachers’ Perception of Democracy

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    3- Selçuk İLGAZ, Akif ÇELEN

    Issues in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and Unethical Behaviors: An Overview

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    4- Volkan Hasan KAYA

    Determination of the Relationship Between Information Technology, Student Emotions and Science Literacy

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    5- Melike TURAL SÖNMEZ

    Design based Investigation On Construction of Mathematical Modelling Problems: Example of Financial Content

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    6- Olufemi Deborah NINAN, Abimbola Rhoda IYANDA, Isaac Olufemi ELESEMOYO, Esther Olamide OBASA

    Computational Analysis of Igbo Numerals in a Number-to-text Conversion System

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    Investigation of Science Teachers’ Learning Styles with Various Variables

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    8- Üzeyir BEREKECİ, Mustafa YAZICI

    The Analysis of the Effect of the Use of the Fishbone Technique in “The Unit of Systems in Our Body” On the Academic Success of Students

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    9- Zafer KUŞ, Erhan GÜNEŞ, Uğur BAŞARMAK, Hamza YAKAR

    Development of A Digital Citizenship Scale For Youth: A Validity and Reliability Study

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    10-Zeki APAYDIN, Mehmet Ali KANDEMİR

    The Effect of Active Learning Approach Jigsaw II Technique on Student Attitudes Relating To Science 4th Grade Science Course

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    11- Sadrettin AKYIL, Rıfat EFE

    Examining Biology Teachers’ Perspectives about School Laboratory Facilities According to Different Variables

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