An In-Service Training Of Teachers On The Model Proposal: Web-Based In-Service Professional Development Model

Author:Hatice DURAK, Mustafa SARITEPECİ, Hasan ÇAKIR


December 25th, 2016 by Author


Some shortcomings and failures are experienced in carrying out the in-service training activities for teachers. Failure to provide the continuity of some in-service training of these deficiencies, educational activities other than face-to-service time shortage experienced in training, cannot be integrated in lifelong learning and professional development, lack of in-service training activities capture evenly chance of injury to all the teachers, the in-service training of effectiveness-cost balance It cannot be provided. In this study, which is expected to resolve the glitch in a web-based in-service training model aimed recommended. In the study "Web-Based Teachers In-Service Professional Development Model" proposal is revealed Morrison, Ross and Kemp Model, Dick and Carey Model and Passerini and Granger examined Hybrid Design Model, will be fit for purpose in the training-services of these model components are integrated by selecting and applications.

Keywords: Web-based in-service training; professional development; instructional design model.

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Journal of Policy