İnvestigation Of Which Motivation Factors Are More Effective İn The Aspect Of Dealing With Teachers Among Succesful School Headmasters

Author:Bayram ELÇİ, Çetin TAN

DOI: 10.18009/jcer.51840

November 25th, 2015 by Author


In this study, it is examined which motivation factors are more effective in the aspects of dealing with teachers among successful school headmasters in public schools. The population of this study which has qualification descriptive survey model consisted of 418 teachers who work together with 21 headmasters who is accepted successful as a result of the evaluation of the provincial directorate which has been made in the province of Siirt since the date 14.03.2014. The sample of the research consists of 258 teachers who has been chosen in an objective way with the method of simple sampling. According to the results, it is determined that school headmasters who is accepted successful use mostly the motivation tools of organizational – managerial and psycho-social to motivate teachers and ıt doesn’t show significant difference in terms of gender, branch, age and professional experience factors, but marital status and education level factors show significant differences in terms of appropriate level of successful headmasters organizational –managerial motivation tools.

Keywords: school headmasters, motivation, organizational- managerial, psycho-social

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Journal of Policy