Focus and Scope

September 1th, 2013 by Author

JCER is an open access journal that publishes high-quality articles, in English and Turkish, in all areas of education. All articles published in JCER will be double blind peer-reviewed.

JCER is a refreed international journal published to scientifically focus on the experiences of the computer and education world in the field of education. The journal accepts articles which examine the problems belonging to the computer and education world regarding preschool, elementary school, secondary school, high school, undergraduate and postgraduate subjects; which provide solutions to these problems; which include professional development/renovations; and which contribute to the professional field.

JCER provides universal science with guidance, support researchers and publish the results of experimental and theoretical studies in the field.

JCER accepts quantitative and qualitative studies from all the fields of educational sciences and field education; meta-analysis studies evaluating the related literature comprehensively; suggested models; and other similar original texts. In addition, special priority is given to up-to-date studies employing advanced research/statistical methods and techniques. Besides the methodological efficacy of studies, original and new contributions to the field are also among the basic criteria for the publication of a study.

Studies to be published in the journal should be authored as appropriate to the publication policy stated in the guideline and then sent to the editor.

To help authors publish their work as Open Access, any processing or article submission charges are not demanded.

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