Evaluation of Candidate Language Teachers’ Level of Knowledge and Ideas towards the Use of Interactive Whiteboard

Author:Selda KAYAK, Elif KIR

DOI: 10.18009/jcer.96494

April 30th, 2015 by Author


This study tries to reveal what candidate language teachers studying at the foreign languages teaching department of a state university know about the usage of interactive white boards as well as a longitudinal project conducted by the Ministry of Education called FATİH. The questionnaire which comprised of seventeen questions was developed by the researchers upon taking expert opinions and was used as the main data collection tool. A total of 68 teacher candidates going different primary schools and high schools for compulsory “School Experience” course took part in the study. The knowledge and ideas of the students were identified with the help of the findings and some recommendations were made on teacher training and use of technology in this respect.

Keywords: Interactive Whiteboard (IW), Fatih Project, Foreign Language Education

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Journal of Policy