Psychological Counseling and Guidance Programs Perception of Hidden Curriculum (Inonu University Example): A Case Study

Author:Okay DEMIR, Kemal DURUHAN

DOI: 10.18009/jcer.73377

November 25th, 2015 by Author


In this study, Inonu University Faculty of Educations Psychological Counseling and Guidance Programs Hidden Curriculum, third grade students’ views and conducted observations are intended to be studied. The method of qualitative research ‘Case Study’ is designed. The studies work group consists of 18 third grade Inonu University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program students. The research data was obtained using observation and half structured interaction technique and the data was analyzed using a descriptive and content method. Due to some findings in the research, in accordance to the physical areas Hidden Curriculum show that leaning towards more interaction is not supported by educational effort; about interaction between the teacher and the student; the teachers implication of class rules, the way of teaching, participation, homework leading to the evaluation method and the Hidden Curriculums expectations to be reached according to the results and from these results a variety changing recommendations were reached.

Keywords: Hidden Curriculum, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program, Students Perceptions.

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Journal of Policy