Computational Analysis of Igbo Numerals in a Number-to-text Conversion System

Author:Olufemi Deborah NINAN1, Abimbola Rhoda IYANDA, Isaac Olufemi ELESEMOYO, Esther Olamide OBASA

DOI: 10.18009/jcer.325804


December 3th, 2017 by Author


System for converting Arabic numerals to their textual equivalence is an important tool in Natural Language processing (NLP) especially in high-level speech processing and machine translation. Such system is scarcely available for most African languages including the Igbo language. This translation system is essential as Igbo language is one of the three major Nigerian languages feared to be among the endangered African languages. The system was designed using sequence as well as activity diagram and implemented using the python programming language and PyQt. The qualitative evaluation was done by administering questionnaires to selected native Igbo speakers and experts to provide preferred representation of some random numbers. The responses were compared with the output of the system. The result of the qualitative evaluation showed that the system was able to generate correct and accurate representations for Arabic numbers between 1-1000 in Igbo language being the scope of this study. The resulting system can serve as an effective teaching and learning tool of the Igbo language.

Keywords: syntax-based, Igbo language, translator, numeral, computational.

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Journal of Policy