Perceptions Of Primary Education Teachers Towards The Use Of E-Portfolio As A Tool Of Performance Evaluation In Schools

Author:Murat POLAT, Yunus KÖSE


September 1th, 2013 by Author


The purpose of this study is to determine perceptions of primary education teachers towards the use of e-portfolio as a tool of performance evaluation in schools. The study group consists of 182 Primary Education Teachers in primary schools within the borders of Muş city center during 2012-13 academic year. In the research, “The Determination of Personnel Views Regarding the Use of E-Portfolio Process in Performance Evaluation of Educational Organizaitons” scale, developed by Arabacı and Turhan (2010) has been used. The survey research method was used in this study. Qualitative data were analyzed using descriptive analysis technique. For data analysis, frequences and percent ratio were computed and Mann Whitney U and Kruskall Wallis-H analysis were used. In conclusion, showed that the participants have strongly agreed the idea of assessment through e-portfolio in educational organizations. A meaningful difference between participants’opinions has not been found in terms of gender, seniority and branches. However, a meaningful difference between participants’opinions has been found in term of male teachers’ opinions, subject teachers and the 11 years and more seniority groups as well.


Keywords: Education, primary education, supervision, performance evaluation, e-portfolio.

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Journal of Policy