To Investigate The Elementary Mathematics Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes To The Teaching Profession

Author:Cahit TAŞDEMİR


April 25th, 2014 by Author


In this study,it was aimed to evaluate the attitudes of elementary mathematics teacher candidates against the profession of teaching in terms of different variables. “Attitude Scale related to the Teaching” and “Personal Information Form”, which are developed by Erkuş, Şanlı, Bağlı ve Güven (2000, 27-33) as a data collection tool and author in order to collect information about students, respectively, have been used in this study in which used the scanning method. Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient of scale is 0.99. The data of this study have been obtained by applying “Attitude Scale related to the Teaching” to the total of 158 students who attend to the first, second, third and fourth classes of the department of elementary mathematics teaching of Education Faculty of Muş Alparslan University in spring semester of 2013 year. The data obtained with attitude scale have been analyzed in SPSS17.0 package program. The independent sample t-test and one-way variance analysis techniques have been used in the analyzing of data. At the result of study, it has never been detected a significance differences in the students’ attitudes towards teaching profession in term of some variables such as “gender”, “class level”, parents’ education level and “the kind of graduated high school”. Also, another important result obtained from this study is that of the students’ attitudes towards teaching profession is appropriate level and being positive.

Keywords:Attitude, Teaching profession, Mathematics Teaching Candidate, Education of Teacher.

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