Teaches’ Reactions towards Undesirable Behaviors of Administrators: Whistle-blowing or Keeping Silent?

Author:Asiye TOKER GÖKÇE, Hürriyet ALATAŞ

DOI: 10.18009/jcer.07641

November 25th, 2015 by Author


This research aims to define teachers’ attitudes towards undesired behaviours at school. Therefore, in which possible undesired administrative behaviours teachers would blow a whistle was examined. Second, whether the teachers would prefer whistle-blowing or and the kind of blowing was questioned. Lastly, the reason of keeping silence was examined. This research was designed as qualitative model. The research group was 20 teachers that work at a secondary school in Darica district of Kocaeli. The results revealed that it was put forward that all teachers would react in the case of various undesired behaviours. However it was determined that teachers would mostly react in the case of serious undesired behaviours. Teachers mostly stated that they would prefer to whistle-blow internally, formally and by identifying themselves. Findings of the research are thought to contribute to the literature in terms of revealing teachers’ attitudes towards possible undesired behaviours at school.

Keywords: whistle-blowing, undesired administrative behaviour, elementary school, teacher, organizational silence

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Journal of Policy