Evaluation of Problems in The Fine Arts Highschool Music Education from The Teachers’ point of View

Author:Şefika İZGİ TOPALAK, Tarkan YAZICI


December 1th, 2013 by Author


The problems such as Fine Arts Highschool (FAH) music education not reaching the desired level and quality and music teachers facing various difficulties and problems have been witnessed. With this goal in mind, it has been determined that by identifying the difficulties, views and opinions of the music teachers could be heard. Throughout the research, "qualitative research model" was used, also as a method of research "interview" and to collect research data "the interview form" was used. The research covers all of institutions in which FAH music teachers serve in Turkey, in the 2012-2013 academic year. With this goal in mind, the survey was conducted on 20 music teachers who are working in the different provinces. The data obtained from the survey has shown that, music teachers do not have the required skills and they are not well educated. Various problems have been identified such as inadequate class time, poorly implemented curriculum, insufficient textbooks, teachers having no information about new teaching approaches and thus not being able to use the new information properly

Keywords: Music, Music Education, FAH.

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Journal of Policy