Looking for a Black Cat: EFL Teachers’ Perception of Democracy

Author:Pınar UYANIKER

DOI: 10.18009/jcer.79199


December 1th, 2017 by Author


Stuck between the ideologies of Europe and Middle-East, Turkey is experiencing euphoria of practicing democracy which has been subject to hot debates. Society is inevitably being shaped by these discussions. As a reflection of society, how is democracy being reflected in language classrooms? To answer the question from teachers’ perspective, this qualitative research was conducted. The aim of this research is to understand Turkish EFL teachers’ perceptions and practices regarding democracy. Being the practitioners of Turkish education system and its philosophy, three English teachers participated in this study. The data came from semi-structured interviews and graphic elicitations. Data obtained from the participants were interpreted using “In-vivo” coding. The results of this study suggest that “equity” is one of the most highlighted aspects of democracy in their perception. However, participants seem to adopt “authoritative” teacher roles although they reported fostering student involvement in decision making. Lack of authority is seen as a burden to a democratic class. Experienced and novice teachers have different conceptions and practices of democracy. Experienced teacher is inclined to veil “authority” whereas novice teacher holds a militant view of democracy.

Keywords: democracy, teacher perception, metaphor, EFL

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