A Genre Analysis of the Methodology Sections of Descriptive Medical - Surgical Nursing Articles

Author:Kutay UZUN

DOI: 10.18009/jcer.09009

April 21th, 2016 by Author


The aim of the present study is to conduct a genre analysis on a corpus of 10 published research articles in the field of Medical-Surgical Nursing and propose an instructional procedure for the teaching of writing methodology sections within the context of English for Academic Purposes. The data is analyzed through the identification of the rhetorical moves and their order within the corpus, followed by a computer-based lexical analysis aiming to reveal the most frequently used content words and their collocates, both left and right-hand. Lastly, the grammatical structures within the corpus are extracted based on frequencies. The findings reveal the rhetorical moves used in the methodology sections of Medical-Surgical Nursing research articles, the most commonly used words in those sections and the words which are meaningfully used with the most common words. Based on the findings, an instructional procedure is proposed drawing upon the literature on Genre-Based Instruction.

Keywords: Genre Analysis, Nursing, Academic English, Genre-Based Instruction

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Journal of Policy